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Fraud Prevention – Tip Of the Month

Monthly Fraud Prevention Facts

April 2017

Eligible for Medicare and Already Have Employee Coverage?

If your current employee insurance is supposed to pay primary, there are certain things that the employer and the plan cannot do.

Once you are eligible for Medicare, the employer cannot

  • Offer different coverage
  • Refuse coverage
  • Restrict coverage

The employer-based plan cannot

  • Charge you more for your premium, deductible, coinsurance charges, or copays on the employer plan
  • Give you misleading information to get you to disenroll in the employer plan
  • End your employer coverage because you are eligible for Medicare

Contact your Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) program in Wyoming at 1 (800) 856-4398 for assistance.

Report Suspected Fraud

To report suspected fraud, call the Wyoming Senior Medicare Patrol at 1 (800) 856-4398, send an email to smpmgr@wyoming.com, or stop by your Wyoming Senior Citizens, Inc. office in Riverton, Casper, or Cheyenne.  Addresses are listed on our website at http://www.wyomingseniors.com/wsci-locations-contact-information.

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